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Article 7 of the US Constitution

What does Article 7 of the US Constitution deal with?
The US Constitution was written on June 21, 1788 and consisted of seven parts, called 'Articles'. Article 7 of the US Constitution, is the final Article and deals with
the requirements for ratification (approval) of the Constitution.

Summary of the Article 7 - Ratification of the US Constitution
Definition and Summary: Article 7 of the US Constitution states that
when 9 states approve of the Constitution in their conventions, then the Constitution shall be set up as the government for the states that have ratified (approved) it.

Article 7 - Signers of the US Constitution
The document was signed on 17 September, 1787 by 39 of the 55 delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The secretary of the Constitutional Convention was William Jackson, who signed the document to authenticate the results of the Convention's sessions.

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Article 7 Background Information
The Founding Fathers especially the Framers at the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 were concerned that they would be unable to gain unanimous approval of all the 13 original states for the new Constitution. They took the decision that  ratification by nine states would be enough to allow the new Constitution to take effect.

Text of Article 7 of the US Constitution

Article 7 of the US Constitution Text

Article 7.

The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same.

The Word, "the," being interlined between the seventh and eighth Lines of the first Page, the Word "Thirty" being partly written on an Erazure in the fifteenth Line of the first Page, The Words "is tried" being interlined between the thirty second and thirty third Lines of the first Page and the Word "the" being interlined between the forty third and forty fourth Lines of the second Page.

Attest William Jackson Secretary

done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independance of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,

G. Washington
Presidt and deputy from Virginia

Geo: Read
Gunning Bedford jun
John Dickinson
Richard Bassett
Jaco: Broom

James McHenry
Dan of St Thos. Jenifer
Danl. Carroll

John Blair
James Madison Jr.

North Carolina
Wm. Blount
Richd. Dobbs Spaight
Hu Williamson

South Carolina
J. Rutledge
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
Charles Pinckney
Pierce Butler

William Few
Abr Baldwin

New Hampshire
John Langdon
Nicholas Gilman

Nathaniel Gorham
Rufus King

Wm. Saml. Johnson
Roger Sherman

New York
Alexander Hamilton

New Jersey
Wil: Livingston
David Brearley
Wm. Paterson
Jona: Dayton

B Franklin
Thomas Mifflin
Robt. Morris
Geo. Clymer
Thos. FitzSimons
Jared Ingersoll
James Wilson
Gouv Morris

Article 7 of the US Constitution: Video of the Presidents
The article on the Article 7 of the US Constitution of the Constitution provides the text, definition and summary of the most important document in American history. The following video will give you an overview of the lives and the important political events of all of the Presidents of America.

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